Under construction...

...But for now, imagine a long, drawn-out description and complaint about someone who thinks FAR too much about himself whining and complaining about being the sad victim of immense monsters (which he constantly kicks in the shins).

Imagine further irritated comments on how his special little book's title has the words mixed up (it should be named: "They Don't Want You To Know About Natural Cures"). With a tiny little re-arranging of words, one arrangement implies that the book is full of natural cures that are being purposely witheld. The other arrangement (above) implies what is actually in the book...a bunch of conspiracy theories (true or not) and VERY little actual information.

And let's not forget the sure-to-come moaning about how these big monsters only want money..."it's all about the money!"...and how this guy 1) uses impressive skills to bilk people out of money through vagaries and "poor-me" tactics, and 2) sends flyers out that read, "...make the wealth of the uninformed your own!" Nice. A victim victimizing others. Disgusting.

Until that page is written, just imagine it. It'll be written. Oh yes. It WILL be written.