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  • Welcome to the home of Wu Ji Chyuan Fa

    Wu Ji Chyuan Fa (WJCF) (or, using the more recent Pin Yin, Wu Ji Quan Fa) is loosely translated as "All Origins Martial Method". And as it implies, it includes as many of the martial skills offered and gleaned from as many martial, military and psychological skills as are available.

    It's an evolving system, a system that has analyzed, and continues to analyze current environments and skill sets and aggressively determines the best skill set(s) to most effectively neutralize and dominate every situation according to the practitioner's code of ethics.

    Please explore this site and learn more about what WJCF offers. I've been having problems with the server, so MUCH of the designed functionality is still non-operational. But that's what life's all about...growing, improving, progressing.

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