A brief history of Wu Ji Chyuan Fa

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  • Over 2500 years ago, a wealthy Chinese family was suffering from outside assaults upon family members. Family leaders decided that they all needed to learn an effective method of defending themselves. They chose a martial arts school and began to study. After some time they became proficient in blocking, striking and kicking. However, they soon discovered they did not have the skills needed to defend themselves in grappling situations. they found another martial art that emphasized grappling and studied it as well. This helped greatly, but soon other problems arose. Dealing with armed enemies or multiple attackers required skills they did not have. The family then approached the military to learn weapons and group fighting strategies. As they broadened their knowledge they became more and more effective in defending themselves. However, under this constant exposure to military and martial influences, some family members began to be violent natured. So the study of healing and philosophy was included in their training.

    They discovered that other systems of martial arts had different, yet effective, skills they did not have. They decided to do whatever was necessary to create the most complete and effective martial system ever known. They believed that the only way to do this was to learn every martial arts style and to combine all of the fighting skills in existence. True to their goal they began a legacy of learning. The entire family spent generations seeking out and learning entire martial styles and military systems. They realized that hundreds of styles existed and that it would take hundreds of years to learn them all. Undaunted members would seek out the most advanced instructors in a style. Each member would concentrate on a specific aspect. Some would learn basic moves. Others would learn the speed or power concepts. Others would learn the tactics or strategies, etc. Every aspect of the art would be swiftly and completely studied. This team would then evaluate the new skill learned and improve them via the information from the massive knowledge they had already acquired. Once the new information was ready, it would be incorporated into the family system. Generally, this allowed them to perfom at greater skill levels than the original sources. The family also became aware that the mountain of information they had accumulated was far more than could be effectively taught in a lifetime. To resolve this problem, the family developed more effective methods of grouping and teaching the skills.

    This allowed the family members to quickly learn and assimilate sophisticated skills and movements. After two and a half millennia, the tradition of learning and improving the family style goes on today.

    Nearly 1400 martial art styles and 85 military systems are known to exist. To date, the family has absorbed all that were available to them, all 1400 martial arts styles, and 82 military systems. This has allowed them to develop the most complete and effective martial art known. This system is called Wu Ji Chyuan Fa. This system is designed for real life use. It is not a sport or exercise form. It is a combat art based on the goal of defending yourself from multiple attackers. This is done through the use of fast, powerful, fluid combinations. Strikes, kicks, grappling, locks and throws, ground fighting, traditional and non-traditional weapons are employed. Sophisticated tactics and strategies and group fighting skills are also included. Observation and decision making skills as well as crisis intervention and verbal de-escalation are taught in this system. These and other skills are joined together to make the style complete. This allows the user to avoid dangerous situations whenever possible. When a confrontation is unavoidable, the system grants the physical and mental skills needed to respond appropriately and effectively. The system allows the user to accomplish a wide range of goals from escaping to controlling to incapacitating or even dropping an enemy. It can be freely used while standing, sitting, lying down, in armed or unarmed, or in grappling or striking confrontations--or any combination thereof.

    The goal of the system is to allow the practitioner to use their knowledge base to create their own personal martial art. It will help each individual to discover exactly what maneuvers suit their body style and personal outlook. It then offers specific concepts to help them choose what skills will best work for them.

    The advanced teaching ideas allow the student to learn a greater amount of knowledge in a shorter period of time. The skills are taught simply and related to natural movements whenever possible. The skills are initially taught at a high level of performance.

    The Wu Ji Chyuan Fa system is a result of a methodical approach to develop the ultimate martial art. Centuries of study by hundreds of family members have been incorporated. You will not find a more complete or realistically effective system taught anywhere in the world today.

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